Interact by Xobin

Conduct real time collaborative tech interviews online

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Kevin William David
Community @AngelList. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Interact helps you conduct realtime tech interviews with ease. The platform provides collaborative coding boards, 5000+ Questions in 50 different skills to ask the candidates in realtime. Above all, Interact converts your interviews into highly actionable reports.
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Amrit Aacharya
COO@Xobin . AI based Tech Hiring
Hiring doesn't have to be crazy. All growing tech companies run into the same fundamental problem while hiring- UNCERTAINTY - Uncertainty of the quality of hire - Uncertainty of the team fit - Uncertainty in terms of time and money being spent. With Interact by Xobin, teams can conduct realtime collaborative programming interviews. Allow interviewees to show their best self in a simple and intuitive coding environment supporting over 25 languages. No more whiteboards, no more awkward phone screening. No more uncertainty. Interact enables teams to objectify the performance of each interviewee. We hope to change an entire Industry's approach towards Tech hiring. Looking forward to hearing and learning from your feedback and any questions you might have! Me and @guruprakash shall be responding to each of your comments with pleasure. PS: Thanks @kwdinc for Hunting Interact P.P.S : Since our beta launch, we've seen enterprises saving upto 50 hours per hire. We will also be integrating with all major ATS - Google Hire, Greenhouse, Recruiterbox, Taleo in the coming days.
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Ansar Mehmood
Co-Founder - Redbeard. Indie Hacker.
Congratulations on the launch Amrit. Hope it goes well. I know of who are also doing the same thing. Seems competition in this space is heating up :)
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Guruprakash Sivabalan
Founder & CEO @ Xobin
@ansar Thanks for the comment! is a great product. Interact is a blend of hiqh quality content and a platform for conducting tech interviews , which many current platforms lack . I may be biased , why don't you give Interact a swing here => ? there is a free version as well..
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Phani Bhushan KukkadapuCEO, K Hub Technologies
Great product guys @guruprakash @amrit_aacharya1 Your commitment to excellence has inspired others.