Intent Box

Get more leads with user-friendly Calls-To-Action!

The first marketing tool focused to get more leads with user-friendly Calls-To-Action!

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Do you have Wordpress plugins for this ?
@ayush_chandra Hi! We are creating! Soon will be available! :)
@ayush_chandra Wordpress plugin created! Check out on your Dashboard :)

Loading performance is good. Love its preview feature. Well done team and thanks so much for sharing this tool with the PH community.


Extremely easy to use. I created my first Intent Box in seconds



Thank you very much! Very happy with your feedback! Great features are coming!
@luisvinicius_ab Just registered and added you to my curations - will you message us once your WordPress plugin is available as registrants for the platform?
@krishnade shure! I will, soon will be available! Thanks!!
@krishnade Wordpress plugin created! Check out on your Dashboard :)
Hi folks! Maker of Intent Box here! How Intent Box can get more leads for you? You can create Intent Boxes and show where are you want. You define a title of your Box, a text, a link, that your user will be redirected when you click the box and an image. Then you can display your boxes on your websites and monitor clicks and views of each box. For example: you can show in your e-commerce offering discount of the product that your user is currently viewing and when he clicks a box appears at a discount to his user! Or in your startup site, you can offer bonuses to your users and when they click on the Box, take them to your capture page, etc. You can have your Box anywhere! You can start now and join our Beta! Just register and use! Integration is super easy and simple. Just load a script on your website and you're done! When you want, call a function that a Box will appear to its users! Feedbacks welcome!