Unlock visibility into all of your team's SaaS spend & usage


Integrate your existing accounting system (Quickbooks, Netsuite) and use our proprietary browser extension to unlock real-time visibility into your SaaS data.

Save money on unused licenses and automate SaaS compliance with intelligent SaaS optimization.

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Ben Lang
David Berkowitz
Jared Fleitman
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  • Ben Lang
    Ben LangShipping

    Takes minutes to set up, visualize all SaaS data, manage important vendors


    Need more colleagues to use the Chrome extension to gather usage, need more compliance functionality

    Great platform that creates one place to manage all our SaaS data (spend, usage, contracts, renewals, etc)

    Ben Lang has used this product for one month.
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  • Jared Fleitman
    Jared FleitmanHead of Business Development at Neura

    Took minutes to set up, intuitively designed, impressive coverage of SaaS products


    Value increases with complexity of SaaS stack--would love to see more value for the little guys

    Excellent customer service and frequent check-ins. Seems like they're really listening to customers.

    Jared Fleitman has used this product for one month.
  • Benjamin Zeitz
    Benjamin ZeitzTechnology Analyst, Founder Shield

    Helped me get rid of unnecessary SaaS spend


    None yet!

    Awesome product by an awesome team

    Benjamin Zeitz has used this product for one month.