Instructy Design

Product Hunt for Online Design Courses & Tutorials

Instructy Design is a design community to find and share the best design courses & tutorials. Design community upvotes the design tutorials they have found useful, and hence best tutorials rise to the top of the page.

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Almost the entire digital design and print design discipline has been covered in the platform. Plus the people behind this are the makers of which a similar collection of tutorials for Programming languages. Hope to see more such things from them.


A really good collection of tutorials, most of them being free.



Hello Hunters 😻 Instructy Design (ID) co-founder here. With ID, we intend to build a design community where designers can find, share & recommend best design courses and tutorials. We are doing this on the same lines as, our programming community, meant for finding and sharing great online programming courses/tutorials. is amongst the 50 Most Upvoted Products on PH: 🙏 We’d love to get some feedback and I’m happy to answer any questions!
Looks fab!