Instant Measure

Infra-red distance measurement on your iPhone X

Using the advanced sensors on the latest iPhones, Instant Measure lets you instantly measure the distance between your camera and an object.
Just use the front camera and align the marker on the center of the screen to instantly get a measurement readout.
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Hi Hunters! I built this because I just couldn't find any other app that uses the iPhone sensors to measure distance. It is simple and fast way to measure small rooms and doorways and saves you having to carry around or buy a laser measure. You can even put it on top of your head with the screen pointing downwards to instantly measure your height. The app uses the infra-red camera and dot emitter built into the front facing notch of newer iPhones. The measurement is accurate between 6 inches (15cm) and 15 feet (5 meters). If you are placing the phone against a wall make sure to add in the thickness of your phone and case to improve the accuracy of the reading. I'm happy to make enhancements or make fixes based on your feedback! Compatibility: Instant Measure requires the latest sensors built into the notch iPhones which are the iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR.
great tool. thanks.
@renehesse Thank you for the positive feedback!
Very nice piece of software!
@yanniks Thank you!!!
Interesting idea. Apparently it's working only on the front camera, is there a reason for that?
@alex_trandafir I think it’s because the infrared camera and dot emitter are on on the front facing part of the phone. I think they are used to power Face ID.
@alex_trandafir Only the front sensors on the iPhone X have the dot emitter and infra-red camera needed to do the depth sensing.
An incredible's so much better than the similar products that exist, too.
@m3 do you mean a tape measure?