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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Big fan of the simplicity, @mightyalex. This would make a fantastic toilet companion on mobile. I gave you some quick feedback on Twitter last night but I'll share here as well -- maybe others have some good ideas: - Make Everything Above the Fold - right now the "more" button and share links are beneath the fold when viewing on my MacBook. There's room to remove some of the white space or make the photos smaller. - "Hidden" Share Buttons - the tweet and Facebook share links aren't very discoverable. This type of content is perfect for sharing. Consider using standard Twitter and FB buttons that people are familiar with. - Optimize for Tweets - in almost all the cases, the pre-filled tweet message is cut off to fit within the 140 character limit. Try customizing each tweet so that it fits and makes sense/is interesting to people that see it on Twitter. - There are Hotkeys? - I bet most people don't know you can tap left and right to scroll through cards. Consider adding a message (maybe only display when they first visit the site). - Build Email Subscribers - Looks like you're getting some nice traffic from Product Hunt but a large majority of people won't come back to InstaNerd, even if they love it. They need a reminder. Consider giving visitors the ability to subscribe to weekly "nerdy insights" to re-engage them later. Again, great job. Curious to see what you do with it and if you start crowdsourcing contributions. Hell, you may even want to go Tinder-style by giving people the ability to curate the best ones.