Gramreports is a tool I've been working on that takes your Instagram data and exports it to a nicely formatted Google Sheet.
I built it for people who prefer working in excel and need more access to their Insta data.
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Hey Product Hunt (yes it's another instagram analytics hunt!) Why? When I was looking at other tools I found a few things: Couldn't export the data I wanted Gramreports get's 100 days of insights, 1,000 posts, demographic data, website clicks, tagged media, hashtag uses etc etc Dashboards are limiting Why would I force users to use a dashboard I built when Google have already made an amazing way to manipulate and analyse data? Plans were limiting I didn't like the idea of paying for features or extra accounts. Gramreports gives 20 accounts and you just pay when you need an export of your data and insights. (first one is free) I'd love feedback on this first version of the launch - particular around the onboarding process and adding accounts.
@josh_bitossi Cool tool, but any idea why Extend Access Token button isn't there on the token page?
Hey @dshan mind emailing me a screenshot at of the page you’re seeing? Thanks for raising. If you can't see the option, non-extended access token will do. Will just have to be updated down the line
Hi, I'm trying to give this a go but in the last step, only one ID is returned and I do have an IG business account connected to the FB page. Can you help me? By the way, why do we have to follow that process instead of just login with our IG credentials onto your app? Thanks!
Hey @diego_iglesias. Happy to help get your started. It's definitely an Instagram Business account? There may be some issues with permissions. If you wouldn't mind messaging me your insta page I'd be happy to take a look And on the signup process - something that's a fairly high-priority. Mostly - it's not possible to get the type of data I know people would want without an approved public Facebook app. In this case you can still review the permissions you want to give the app and revoke acces anytime. Not enabling a permission will likely just result in some data not being filled in your report. I'm definitely working on making the signup process smoother though since I think it's a big barrier.