Automate any Instagram actions using our open-source tools. A lot of predefined constraints will not only prevent you from being banned but also maximise the impact from interacting with other users (e.g. skipping popular accounts - they will not notice you)
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Dope! This tool is the most flexible, stable and useful Instagram API I have ever seen. I used it in 5 of my last projects and finally I have found it here. Strongly recommend to use
@alexmsecurity Thank you for you warm words! I remember I've done some specific features for your previous projects. Nice experience :)
Hi Producthunt! I've been working on this project for almost 4 years and it has already become the most used Instagram automation python library! I just woke up today and realized that this thing can be published on Producthunt too. In 4 years the main library Instabot became a pile of shit code, but all example scripts work fine! Since the latest Instagram bot-detection-AI update a lot of other open-source solutions started to lead their users to ban. But not Instabot actually - and I don't know why. Out 1,800+ Telegram community prove that every day! Join our family on Telegram and support the project on Patreon!
And Happy hacking by the way!
This is very useful. Good job!
@savvaanto Thank you for you comment!
Congratulations, Dan! I have used this library to build — it's an instabot running completely in the browser as a Chrome extension. It already serves 6000 users!
@caffeinum I love that! Cool work both of you!
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