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"I have a small business, and it is pretty much a one-woman-show. As a maker, it is difficult to switch gears and be in the forefront to sell, to market and to create content. It is a position that I am naturally not comfortable with. (#thestruggleisreal!) I have been following Puno and her business since the beginning. I have seen it grow so organically and so quickly. I approached her and asked for her personal advice. And it's great! She's a solid, genuine person and always seeking success for everyone. With the help and encouragement from someone who has been in the same position and who has done it successfully, growing my Instagram has become a real concept and is MANAGEABLE. Invest in anything she has to say. Her advice is worth the attention."
@jacqvon Wow! Thank you so much Jacq! That really means a lot. :)
I will def take a look at this. Instagram is working very well for me to connect with car people and bring them to my website. Best www.instagram.com/karpage
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