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Broadcast live video to your Instagram Stories πŸ”΄

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The Verge's @caseynewton reported IG was working on live video last month. It's now rolling out to everyone. Will play around with this later today. Follow Product Hunt. They also added ephemeral messaging for IG Direct. Instagram continues to look more like Snapchat. πŸ€”
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@rrhoover @caseynewton Side note, but related... there is a lot of functionality going into to a small strip at the top and scrolling horizontally to find people's stories isn't the best experience. I wonder if this section will get redesigned and given more real estate soon?
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@rrhoover @caseynewton what's the reason for implementing ephemeral messages? I think it's absolutely horrible and makes communicating a huge pain in the ass - it actually ruined more than one conversation I had on snapchat. Do they design it horrible on purpose in order to push ppl to take photos? I seriously don't get it
@rrhoover @caseynewton IG Direct live seems like an obvious missing component for IG in their war against Snapchat.
@yannschaub Isn't that the point though? If the conversation is not ephemeral, Snapchat/Instagram is not the medium you want to have it.
@gabrielizaias When it comes to text I just doesn't get it, that's it. Also its super buggy on android and killed the conversation because of that more often than not. Still I don't get why you would implement that AFTER having a "normal" chat feature (that probably no one used anyway). Instagram never seemed ephemeral to me and it still doesn't.
Im not 100% there with live video yet... But I do love how the released products from Instagram look and feel. So well made.
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How is no one commenting that this looks the same as Periscope? I get ripping off the idea... but at least change the design...
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@ddulic92 haven't compared but probably similar to facebook live
Smart move.. It seems like live video integrated into existing social media apps like Instagram and Facebook has a lower barrier to entry and requires less commitment than using a separate app like Periscope. I could also see this doing very well with the new influx of creators moving from Vine to Instagram.