Instagram for Windows 10

The official Instagram app for Windows PC and tablets

#5 Product of the DayOctober 14, 2016
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I didn't see this coming. According to this article, Windows has cut into iPad's dominance but still only an 11% market share in tablets.
@rrhoover More than the "11%" figure, aren't we supposed to see "Windows-based tablets grew by as much as 59 percent year-on-year."....Just in 8 months after this was posted, we have the Instagram app :-P
Just wondering when are they going to launch the UPLOAD feature as well.
@stuticlicks check the blog post. It's available.
@adithya only available for tablets and PCs with touch screens
The official blog post about this release:
Can't believe they finally arrived it. Isn't it way too late? :)
@galeriks too late? don't tell me that you haven't used third party services available.
@adithya 3rd party services are tricky now since they updated the API in summer
@makerraitis Right! and few got banned too.
It's only quite a few years late but hey! better than nothing. I never use Windows store apps so this might be the first one... Some love to PC users please :)
@alexabian Lol! "only quite a few years late" ??