This simple tool allows you to create beautiful Instagram captions for your posts. With hassle-free numbered lists and line breaks.
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Hello product hunters! 👋 Recently, I needed to write a caption for an Instagram post. As everyone knows - in the built-in instagram editor it is impossible to add line breaks. After several minutes of searching for applications for writing captions, I found that most of them are native applications (only for iOS / Android), so I made a web cross-platform editor! You can add this application to your device’s home screen and it will work without internet connection!
@samohovets Of course you can add line breaks. Just click "123" on iOS keyboard and then "return".
@ariel_jedrzejczak I know that on iOS there is such a trick, but the product is not aimed at users of iOS 😉 P.S I'm iPhone user.
@samohovets ah alright, I don't know Android. Thought it's doable also ;)
How you usually write big instagram posts?
Using native iOS/Android applications
Using built-in Instagram editor
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Real good option
It's great, my usual issue is that the built-in keyboard takes up a huge chunk of the screen
@javpet yeah, I'm feeling the same sometimes, but usually this problem is related to mobile OS you are using :)