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Instagram is one of the few apps that has remained a fixture on my homescreen for several years. Adding to our Teleportation Apps collection (a trend toward global, immediate photo/video sharing).
@rrhoover, If only actual teleportation existed. There are 5 places I want to visit IRL just in the Towering Rocks collection. Viewing places reminded me of the "Fomo-Inducing" Wandertab by @hitlist_app. A few questions I had viewing the new discovery: - Can trending hashtags on Instagram ever compete with @Twitter as a way to experience live events? - Will it take attention away from @Foursquare and @Yelp for discovering local places? - How long until we see sponsored content?
A big update to Instagram today! The new Explore now surfaces real-time trends, there are curated collections and we can (finally) search for places. Very excited about this.
@marmelroy wait, can we now search for places with the API too!? This would be huge for the product I just submitted today!
@taykcrane really? I dont see that in their API docs.. What product did you submit today?
That's cool. But seriously, how has the icon not been updated after all these years?
@juanbuis I don't know, I like the icon. I think if they modernized it to just be a white square on a blue background or something, I think it would lose a lot of its charm. Also, it doesn't look to bad next to icons with flat designs on my home screen. :)
The new Explore tab is great and puts a lot of things in context without giving up the serendipitous discovery that I liked from before. This gives me more of a reason to go to the Explore tab.
I have always thought the explore page has been a little bland and not very relevant. Super stoked that they are adding trending tags and places - seems like they are taking a page out of Twitter's book. Seems like this will make content and account discovery much easier. Big congrats to the Instagram team!