Instagram 7.5

Instagram, now with portrait and landscape photos/video

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AM(Almost)Anything :)
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@mikeyk I have been impressed with the very clean design you have on web. It seems like your approach early on was simply displaying content when linked, but now it is actually pleasant to browse through someone's IG feed on the web. Have you ever, or will you now, share the percentages between web traffic and mobile traffic for content consumption? Everyone's screaming mobile first, but I'm wondering how the web is treating you.
@mikeyk And since a lot of us are creators around here, what is an interesting hurdle you had to overcome technically as you hit scale? I recently integrated some of Path's Fast Image Cache into my app because of issues with scrolling performance on iOS. These were not issues I had ever faced before and I'm sure I'm going to have more like this.
@mikeyk I am delighted about this update. And if it was indeed to where the puck was going (20% of photos had bars), what percentage of photos are using a 3rd party to basically hack a repost function? (hint hint 😉)
@mikeyk Updated to 7.5... don't see how to upload portrait photos. Interface looks the same as before (ie, only option to crop to square). Is this US-only update? (Australia here)
@mikeyk did this decision come from within the IG team–or from higher up in the FB ranks?
I actually don't understand this move. To me, squares were part of Instagram DNA. What comes next? Twitter now offers tweets with 200 characters?
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@benjaminnetter Squares are still default (and likely will remain dominant). Squares were great for getting us here, but we see 20%+ of photos now have white borders...skate to where the puck is going :)
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@mikeyk People need rules to stick to something. Look at religions for example. Squares were your main rule and one of the reasons I fell in love with Instagram four years ago.
@mikeyk I welcome this move. I'm definitely a user that has a bunch of photos with white borders and follow a bunch of folks who do the same thing. if a square or any specific aspect ratio works better for a photo, then it's great I have the flexibility to do that now without the "Instafit" step I used to do previously. Side note: this is a great opportunity for me to go back and revisit old photos and potentially re-post in the new format.
@mikeyk Upvoted for your very appropriate and awesome use of a hockey saying.
@mikeyk It's similar to the argument of using a poetic structure vs freestyle. Sure, haikus can be limiting, but that makes the format all the more fun. Aesthetically, I like the idea of eliminating bars, but I think that the uniformity of the format is one of Instagram's strengths. I'm not crazy. I'm not going to proclaim this the death of Instagram. I'm just going to say that I don't really agree with the change.
It might seem like a minor change but this opens up more possibilities for brands and content creators to share existing content inside Instagram. @mikeyk shared this link to this Star Wars trailer (nice cross-promotion 😉) on Twitter a minute ago:
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@rrhoover really wish i wouldn't have seen that screenshot
@rrhoover it should be very powerful for the travel industry and potentially instagram video ads as well. We work with a lot of companies in this space so we know a thing or two about that ;)
@rrhoover there's been an awakening.
Love the fact that Instagram finally figured out how to make portraits and landscapes happen. Given how central instagram is to photographers, this was a big hole in functionality that I felt was open for way too long. Though, I feel, some purists will hate this :)
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@prateeks The profile view may have been difficult and problematic to design for different aspect ratios. I'm curious to see their approach.
@calc we chose the simplest thing for now which is to center crop for the grid
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@prateeks This is very exciting! Im not young enough to deal with 2 different programs for posting one photo. Feel bad for all those IG image resizing apps though!
Now if only we could zoom in to things... ;)
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@dfindles Oh, man, my 13 year old niece was laughing at me the other day because I was trying to zoom into a photo on IG. She said, "Dad tried to do the same thing, you guys are silly.".. Are we silly!?
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