File your accounts with HMRC from Xero

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Andy chungHunter@andychung · AngelList
Such a simple idea! Use Xero to file accounts directly with HMRC saving £X00s a year!
Keith CarsleyMaker@keith_carsley · Founder, Instafile
Hi, I'm Keith - one of the makers of Instafile. We're very excited to be on product hunt! We built Instafile because we use Xero and we needed a quick and cost-effective way to file our own company accounts. And then we discovered a whole group of finance pros who also needed a better way to file too! Any questions or feedback then let us know - we'd love to talk to you!
Nice idea! A few questions: Is the accounts in compliance with FRS 105? Does the tax return take into account disallowed expenses? Has the output return/accounts been approved by HMRC and accounting associations?
Keith CarsleyMaker@keith_carsley · Founder, Instafile
@changlongliu Thanks! And good questions! Yes, Instafile supports FRS105 reporting and the tax return takes account of disallowable expenses. HMRC operates a 'recognition' as opposed to an approval process. It is non-mandatory and it requires you to support parts of the tax return that are not required by many small businesses. We are currently in that process - adding functionality that we're fairly sure almost none of our customers will need! - but HMRC already accepts tax returns generated by our platform. Thanks for the idea of approaching the accounting associations - we'll get that process started. Very happy to answer any more questions and take on board any further feedback.
Keith CarsleyMaker@keith_carsley · Founder, Instafile
We're proud to announce that Instafile has just become an official, certified Xero Connected App! You can find out more here:
Keith CarsleyMaker@keith_carsley · Founder, Instafile
Instafile has just been featured in Xero's blog as an exciting newcomer to the Xero App marketplace: