Phil Bagdasarian
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link is submitted to fake blackhat sites

I just got my results and they are total BS. All of the websites are fake wiki sites and user profiles, I contacted them asking for the links to be taken down, if they're not taken down I will have to disavow them on Goole Webmaster Tools.

Do not use this service, it's complete shit and a rip-off.

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Ryan Heybourn
Ryan Heybourn@ryanheybourn · I help startups grow @useinstaaa
I recently received some complaints about Instaaa and the quality of links my team were providing. This week I've completely overhauled the submission process and removed any low quality backlinking sites. We now submit to more than 125 mainstream directories and emails, each through a process which is still manual. Although the old links were legitimate, I understood the concerns surrounding them and felt the need to address these immediately.