Julian Silva
Julian Silva reviewedInstaaa 2.0Promote your startup using AI-powered outreach

Ideal for initial product launch


More pricing options for early stage startups

We used Instaaa on the initial launch of Promoe and we were impressed with the results we received by using Instaaa. We had gained over 40 upvotes on ProductHunt and had acquired over 100 new users within the first day of launching using Instaaa. We at Promoe were pleased with the service and support that we received from Instaaa that we are now planning the launch of Promoe 2.0 using Instaaa. Thank you Instaaa team!

Julian Silva has used this product for one year.
Peter Perez Jr
Peter Perez Jr@peterperezjr · Entrepreneur | Designer
Hey Julian, which plan did you go with on Instaa?
Julian Silva
Julian Silva@julian7silva · Founder & CEO at Promoe
@peterperezjr Instaaa had different plans when they first launched last year. But I believe it was the equivalent of the $129 package.