Insight Employee Engagement

Insights to help you engage every team member 📈

Insight shows you what every single person on your team needs to become more engaged at work. Send surveys to team members with a few clicks. You'll see survey reports, trends, and engagement action plans tailored to your team's values. Managers get a plan for each person, prioritized by what the person needs most to become a more engaged employee.

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Hello Product Hunters! Thank you for checking out Insight. It’s an employee engagement tool that shows you what you can do to motivate team members. Companies with highly engaged employees are more profitable and more likely to retain top talent. Also, engaged employees are more satisfied and productive. Employee engagement is great for everyone! I’m Dave, CEO of Inventiv, the company behind Insight. When I first moved into a leadership position a decade ago, I had no clue what I was doing. I was a great individual contributor, but an embarrassingly poor leader of people. I made every mistake you can make. Becoming a great leader was painful for me, and probably even more painful for my team. Insight is the tool I wish I had all those years ago. It shows you what people care about and—perhaps most importantly—what specific actions you can take with them to make them feel more engaged at work. Obligatory Product Hunt Discount: Mention Product Hunt when you contact us for 20% off for your first year. Contact us for a demo at I’m happy to answer any questions or hear any feedback you provide. I hope you enjoy Insight! Thank you, Dave Lane, CEO Inventiv
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Hi Everyone! I'm launching Insight Employee Engagement 2.0. Now Insight has improved reporting, new leadership guidance, and more employee engagement insights (get it?). Please check it out: Thank you, Dave Lane, CEO Inventiv