It's like a flash sale for homes. A few times per week, you'll get an alert with a hand-picked home that's for-sale in your area. Members get a limited-time chance to claim savings on that specific home (thousands of dollars in savings). Membership is free.
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Hey everyone! Hope you'll check out Insider Alerts (and maybe find your future home). Currently LIVE (savings are real) in *San Francisco, Seattle and Dallas* You know those stories of people who were only *kinda* looking for a home, then spotted a perfect home, jumped off the couch and made it happen? We feel like that could happen a lot more. :) So we made an ""-like experience for house hunting. Insider Home Alerts give an inside opportunity to score some extra savings on a home you love. The flash-savings are only on hand-picked homes -- ones that our experts can't wait to get you to see. We have top real estate agents in *San Francisco, Seattle and Dallas* actively helping clients right now, so if you like one of the homes, our team springs into action to make your home-dreams come true. why'd we make this? We're the same team that built (buy a home with no down payment). We're always trying to make homebuying easier, and this is just another way to do that. These are get-off-the-couch deals on homes you'd love even without 1000s off. But doesn't the rebate make it a bit more fun? We would love any feedback!
@sharonpope Sounds great! I'm guessing it's just one house at a time, and there's no way to filter what we'd be looking for? I'd love a passive way of getting new homes that are good deals, with some kind of quality curation involved. I get alerts from Zillow all the time, but it's never good enough for me to jump off the couch.
@art_chang Hi arthur! We are curating the homes for the general population at first (those who want the top home, and would love even more to get it at a discount). But your comment is right on, we think that home alerts in general could be better and more data driven. So we plan to fold in more data and customization as we go.
This is a total game changer for people who are passively in the real estate market.
@mikemartin35 that's how we feel too! let us know what you think of the alerts as you get them. And obviously let us know if a home strikes your interest. :)