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I understand the thinking behind this, but for me, the very last thing I need is more Trump in my daily life.
@gloom303 it certainly is hard to watch this train wreck... but that's what makes the coverage so important.
@jason Oh, there's no denying that covering everything (extensively!) is important, I just don't have stomach for it any longer. :)
@gloom303 @jason Don't subscribe then. I can't stand the guy but the unfortunate reality is that he's our president for the next 4 years. Ignoring him isn't gonna change that. In fact, we need to watch him every step of the way to make sure he remains just a president.
@maratryndin Well, technically he's not my president (and not for some random wishful thinking reason, simply because I'm not American :), but I just wanted to chime in on the general air of over-saturation that the guy already has. I didn't get the impression that this newsletter was some sort of watchdog. But let me be clear: I'm all for it, it's just not for me. Sorry if you felt that was an unnecessary comment, thought it's quite likely I'm not alone in having this feeling. :) @jason
@gloom303 Of course you're not. Believe me, if Trump disappeared tomorrow, for whatever reason, I would fly my flag like my country just won the World Cup.
We've been working hard on putting together a great newsletter that cuts through the noise in all the news about Donald Trump. Can't wait to hear what the PH community thinks about it!
@jason You'd like the thriller my father and I wrote prior to the election about a billionaire who self-financed his campaign, manipulated social media, and triumphed over a female senator called The Outsider (
This morning's inaugural edition covers the Trump "need to know." It fed me just enough detail with plenty of context. Reading Inside is like instant smart; pairs well with coffee, too. [NB: If you're a newshound, you may enjoy the clever curation in Inside Trump, but the data won't be new. Try Inside AR & VR; Inside Drones; Inside Amazon...just a few of my faves. Looks like more soon.]
Love the new addition to the Inside family. Just enough "Inside" info to understand what's going on beyond the mainstream media soundbytes, but can be reviewed over my morning coffee.
This is great @jason. Unbiased curation from both sides!