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It's Snap IPO day. Track Snap news here.

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We've been working on this Snap newsletter for a while. What better day to launch it than IPO day?
@jason Super glad you mentioned today was the day. Just put in my pre-IPO bids. Timing for SNAP couldn't have been better, I feel. Having said that, I haven't been a very "sticky" user lately. 8 months ago I watched Mark Suster's snaps every single day, Justin Kan on the rare occasion I wanted to intersperse bits of wisdom with sudden shirtlessness. Don't think I've opened it more than a 3 times in the past 3 months though. I hate that I haven't gotten to play with the Spectacles yet. Are they as fantastic as I'm assuming they must be?
@knewter which broker did you use to put in pre-ipo bids? some brokers don't list the stock symbols until after the ipo
@knewter Similar experience here... kinda dropped off in the last few months, though I'm probably not the target demographic. Discovery of accounts to follow needs to be streamlined IMO.
@_jacksmith I used robin hood. they didn't have TWLO til 2 days later and I chastised them thoroughly (still killed it there though). They did better this time :)
@knewter Spectacles are someone's idea on how to take money from people. It's an idea to fill a business need. The product has failed, and if by chance it took off, laws would ban it everywhere.
Something must be going right at Inside for them to keep pushing out new properties with this kind of timing.
@brendanbeirne I think their model of "get 2k subs before launching" is a smart one - I also asked @jason why this number and he said: "The first 1k subs is the hardest, so we doubled it"
These guys keep cranking out awesome content in timely and easy to digest email newsletters on a range of topics...VR/AR, Drones, Facebook, Amazon, EVs and even Real Estate. Snap is a perfect next topic.
I love newsletters, really excited for this one!