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Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! 🏆 ko-fi.com/chris
I basically offered a brain dump of all the things swirling in my head about #ConvComm, my role at Uber, and details about the origins of the hashtag. Pretty wide ranging — but pretty in depth too! Big props to @adamrisman for being so patient in letting me ramble!
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@chrismessina - Both you and @JoinRobinHealth are trending on @ProductHunt today. Would love to hear what you think of our #ConvComm pharmacists combined with #OnDemand medication delivery.
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Shaun Trennery
Founder X&Go
Great listen. Loads in insights. A world of services, each with their own UI, surfaced based on context. Chat is step 1. I imagine millions of invisible POSTITs stuck on every appliance, tabletop, store window etc. As you go about your day, the POSTITs that are relevant to your context become visible. Each POSTIT is a single unit of work. Tap to pay, order, request, review, do. Chat is bridge to context. I know what you need to do because I or my bot asked you.
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Olof Mathé
Co-founder & CEO, Mixmax.com
Wow loved this conversation. A must-listen for anyone working in the space
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Mason WooleyCEO General
@chrismessina great conversational comments! #convcomm