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Inside Deals is the 25th newsletter in the Inside network of newsletters – and it's one of the highest-demanded newsletters on our pre-subscription page (launching with thousands of pre-subscribers). Here's how it works. Twice each week, our team will scour the web and find exactly 6 things: 1) a link to a truly exceptional product that our team loves (discount or not) 2) an insanely good discount on an awesome product 3) a story/idea for passive or side project income 4) a clever money saving hack/guide 5) a cool DIY project that can save you $100+ on interior design 6) an insanely good travel deal (we'll probably evolve this model based on feedback, but this is where we're starting) Let us know what you think, and subscribe here:
@jason The list of email content is really interesting - I'd be featuring that on the site, you'll get more signups.
@jason When does the first issue come out? Can't wait.
@jason Any ideas for credit card recommendations? As an avid reader, I'm always surprised by the number of my friends that still put everything on their debit card (instead of using a credit card for the bonuses).
@nickabouzeid we will certainly include credit card deals / points. I'm a huge fan of SPG (or was)... right no we we are big on cash back in our household, but I'm always looking for new ideas to get free hotel rooms since i travel a bunch.
@jason IHG Rewards Card is a great option too (50k signup bonus with a $1k spend within 3 months), as are the various airline cards. Let me know if you need some help finding the right cards, happy to help!
Love this! Congrats on #25! Curation is key, as there are dime-a-dozen deal sites out there. If you can actually stick to the six principles @jason, and decide not to send an email if you can't find something, I would trust this in my inbox. Good luck to you and @awwstn!
@kunalslab @awwstn we are really trying to innovate and respect people's time --in fact, we want to save people time with each email they open. It's a challenge, but the team is making it happen across 25 newsletters already.
@jason @awwstn excellent! 👏🙌🙏
Loving the editorial restraint. I nominate a "budget gourmet" recipe as an alternative topic.
The curation is what could make this great (i.e. "editorial restraint" as @kkdub puts it in another comment). Kind of reminds me of The Wirecutter's now defunct "Inner Vision" newsletter with a balance of deals and lifestyle hacks. Just got issue zero and every single link was appealing to me. Great work Inside team!
Interesting but going to be incredibly difficult to beat out Slick Deals, DealNews or Bens Bargains. I wouldn't have entered this space.