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Tim Jones@timbjones · PM, Growth & Monetization @ PicCollage
As you guys become more verticalized I'd love to see a plan for Slack. These curated blasts add value through discovery and discussion that our product teams would benefit from. Harder sell to get everyone to subscribe individually.
jasonMakerHiring@jason · ceo, writer, event host & angel
@timbjones would you pay for an feed into SLACK? what newsletters would you want us to pump in?
Joshua Gunning@joshua_gunning · Doing limbo...
@jason what about building a community on Pinguin instead? Would be happy to help develop and maintain it 😄!
jasonMakerHiring@jason · ceo, writer, event host & angel
@joshua_gunning how much will you pay us for our content?
Joshua Gunning@joshua_gunning · Doing limbo...
@jason What if we build a premium model on our platform? A paid channel (with you maintaining ownership and revenue) where Pinguin members can subscribe and instead of us paying you outright for the content we pay you via intent and interest in your content and you can benefit from a growing external community as well? Happy to take this offline and discuss a potential partnership that could be a win-win for both of us. Would love to discuss our direction in greater detail. Thoughts?
Joshua Gunning@joshua_gunning · Doing limbo...
@jason would love to still connect on this if there might be any interest 🐧🍎📑
jasonMakerHiring@jason · ceo, writer, event host & angel
Hi all! This is the latest Inside newsletter to launch. Our Inside Amazon newsletter has been growing like crazy (in addition to a huge subscriber-base of Amazon sellers, shareholders, experts, and fans, that newsletter has thousands of Amazon employees reading it)...we're doing the same thing with Apple. If you're an Apple superfan, you'll get your fix with all the latest product rumors and leaks 🙉. If you're a shareholder, we'll keep you in the loop on earnings, analyst commentary, and more. If you're an employee/alum, we'll be sharing some juicy insights. If you're simply paying attention to the wealthiest company in history...well, I think you'll find this newsletter interesting. Let us know what you think, and head over to to subscribe!
Tim Knowles@timrknowles · Product Guy
Hint: Usually a core and pips. Awaiting confirmation