Bogartgrand reviewedInsense & Paid MediaFacebook and Instagram Ads on behalf of Influencers
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Nothing that can't be done on your own or through one of the dozen other influencer management platforms


Few and low quality influencer options. Clunky UX with limited instructions to use the platform. Withheld $$$ but NEVER PAID THE INFLUENCERS

NOT WORTH THE $299. There is nothing here that you cannot do on your own or through any other influencer management platform. I really wanted this platform to work because native influencer ads have always done well for us but this platform under delivered in just about every way possible.

There were very few influencer options and the options that were available were pretty low quality. The brand side of the app is confusing and hard to use. There is limited/no instructions on how to use the platform. We had to email support to ask for an explanation and instructions for every step of the process. The answers from support were mediocre at best and still left a fair amount of confusion.

They also withheld money that should have been paid to the influencers but 4 weeks later and they still haven't been paid. So they took the money from us, the brand, but didn't send it to the influencers. It's hard for me to see how this isn't theft. Maybe this review will finally get their attention and they will settle up the balance to the influencers.

Bogartgrand has used this product for one month.
Danil Saliukov
Danil Saliukov@danil_saliukov · CEO, Insense
Hi Nathan. Thank you for your feedback -- as mentioned before, we’re building our product based on user feedback. With that, several major updates of Insense happened earlier this year - a lot of features were built, specifically because of you and your feedback. For instance, this page was created a couple weeks after we got that insight from you. All this has helped us drive new business from several top brands and agencies. Regarding payments - actually we process this payment right after you accepted the deal. Payments to creators is a key benefit of our service that is proven by 35,000 creators in our network