Michele Spina
Michele Spina reviewedInsense & Paid MediaFacebook and Instagram Ads on behalf of Influencers

Innovative. Nowadays influencers are the mass media.


Will big brands join? Or they'll prefer to have a direct link with the influencers?

From the influencers point of view, it is not clear - to me - what are the minimum requirements to join and how much money they can make. Is the influencer revenue model CPC, CPA or CPM?

Michele Spina has never used this product.
Alma@almafoxcom · Project manager
Basically, the revenue is cost-per-post. But I can't understand why it's "Insense is the first platform that connects brands and influential content creators to run Facebook & Instagram Ad campaigns more effectively"? What about the famebit, hypefactory, hypr that were available much earlier...
Danil Saliukov
Danil Saliukov@danil_saliukov · CEO, Insense
@almafoxcom hey Alma -- Insense is the first platform that combines influencer efforts and paid media. Famebit, HYPR, others - they do only organic posts