#3 Product of the DaySeptember 12, 2019
Insense is a platform that connects brands and influential content creators to create custom content at scale.
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33 Reviews3.6/5
Insense has built a very cool creative suite for influencers and content creators that includes business tools (like connections to brands) and creative tools (like this new video editor product) that help design custom quality content all around. Def worth a peek if you are making any type of content or want to develop your offering as an influencer.
Thank you, Tristan! We are proud to announce the latest tool in our Creative Suite: our AI-Driven​ Video Composer. We’ve trained our AI tool to ingest a video, identify and tag all scenes and elements, and then generate 3 new versions of the video - in under 1 minute. Your new videos can be sent directly to Ads Manager, or you can use our Video Editor to add a custom logo and call to action. By now, most advertisers know that multivariate testing (different placements, audiences, calls to action, etc) is crucial for getting the best results from paid ads. However, variations in creative are also a MAJOR factor in ad performance - and often, the only way to know which version of creative works best is by testing. Our new tool opens up creative testing to you, with zero additional production cost. Give it a try!
Typically, rendering a single video takes as minimum a couple of minutes. How long does it take for your algorithm to process the video?
Depending on the number of scenes it can take up to 20 seconds to process it and then the finished videos can be edited right away in the fb ads manager or directly downloaded within 10-15 seconds. So, after uploading the video, in 1 minute you will already have 3 new ones :)
@shimopus Thank you, Sergey! We really tried to do a good product :)
so much potential in this space - driving creative costs down while improving output
@frank_locascio Right :) And this is not a final improve of ​our product. Do you have ​feedback about this feature? what was helpful for you?