Innovation Thinking Methods for the Modern Entrepreneur

A simple way to reliably find step-function better solutions

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I read and truly recommend! Chapter 4 gave me a new perspective on "How to Pitch". Thanks.
I love the way the book is written in a chatty easy-to-read style that should appeal to start-up entrepreneurs who are famously too busy to read long books. This is deliberately a very short one and truly arresting. As Gabriel Reynard says in his comment here, Chapter 4, titled "Change the startup pitch formula for disruptive thinking", really does justice to the title of the book. This is where the author, Mr. Osama Hashmi, using his own long and fruitful experience in the IT industry, starts throwing ideas at you, giving you tips on how to "think outside the box", because that, in essence, is what innovation is all about: Break the mold, go beyond what looks feasible, tread new territory, open up markets and leave the competition behind. Mr. Hashmi's advice is something you don't want to miss, and it's useful for any entrepreneur in any business and at any level of development, not just startups. In fact, there are many ideas in that book of direct use to book publishers and writers too!
@claudenougat Wow, thank you for some very kind comments Claude, loved reading this :)
@claudenougat After reading your comment, I'm totally sold and went ahead getting the book.
Hi Product Hunt! Nice to be featured today. This book came out of my desire of seeing more startups do meaningful, ambitious things that would make the world an even more amazing place. Imagine what the product hunt of the BTTF version of 2015 would showcase... let's build that stuff. To make that future real, I'm offering in this book a framework of thought I've used in my own tech companies, and also in providing product strategy consulting. Its methods can be easily adopted by all innovation and product teams to reliably find "10x better" products and solutions. The book's written in a way to appeal even to those people who don't like or read the typical business book - it's a more conversational style that I call "coffee sessions" - just us having coffee exploring meaningful thoughts together. I think you'll like it! Looking forward to discussing it. Thanks @helloduane for featuring it, and as he mentioned, the ebook is 50% off today. We're also doing something fun in partnership with . Mocha7 will be providing free product and marketing strategy for startups all day long. Just ask questions AMA style using the #InnovationThinking hashtag on twitter, and we'll help.
@helloduane P.s. I'm also happy to answer any questions on innovation-thinking or product strategy here. Fire away.
Awesome to see the community here liking the book. Curious to hear early impressions from anyone who grabbed it. Btw you can read the first chapter for free from here:
I liked the book, a lot. It's easy to ready and understand. It's only 126 pages but they are full of useful content. You can find other books with 400 pages that don't have as much useful content as this one does. Mr. Hashimi (which seems to be addicted to coffee btw) not only does have a good understanding of startups and entrepreneurship culture but he knows how to explain things in a way that is easy to understand. My favourite chapter is Chapter 10 "The context of the last change". It really made me think a lot. Here goes a quote: "The context of today doesn’t match how things work today".