Founded and funded by Mitra Manesh, a mindfulness thought-leader, story-teller and longtime practitioner, our mission is to support our users with innovative ideas, ancient wisdom and immersive technology that opens the heart and settles the mind.
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Hi Product Hunt! innermap is a mindfulness coach on-the-go to help users find a heartful path to a mindful life through: - the art of Stories - the practice of Meditation - the science of Binaural Beats “Smart Sounds” Our stories illustrate the principles of mindful living, and how to apply them in everyday activities, challenges and tasks. “Your Stories” come from users who are sharing their mindful experiences on our App. With contributions from around the world, innermap is a global platform for mindful story-telling and story-sharing. Our guided meditations are unique, practical, and versatile, customized to fast-track our users to focus, intentionality, perspective, imagination, and mindfulness. Our original and innovative “Smart Sounds” can pick one up, ease one down, and stimulate a meditative state. Our “Smart Sound” albums make it possible to access a sense of “being” while “doing” the various activities of the day (except operating machinery).