INKHUNTER - Tattoo App

Augmented Reality app to try on tattoos

#2 Product of the DayApril 15, 2016

INKHUNTER is an augmented reality app that lets users virtually try on any tattoo. The company is now building a marketplace to allow its 8 Million users to directly book tattoo artists.

Ekaterina  Siroshenko
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  • kydy
    kydyCurious tech soul

    Great concept


    I wish the app will allow to use multiple tattoos and edit them

    The app is really easy to use. Before getting inked for life, using the app you can have an idea on how your tattoo will look on yourself. Great way to use AR.

    kydy has used this product for one day.
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Razumovskiy Pavel
Razumovskiy PavelMaker@onum_tw · CTO inkHunter
@rrhoover, we just added to app Product Hunt tattoos, do you want some?
Joseph Collin
Joseph Collin@alxclever · NodeJS developer
@onum_tw @rrhoover haha! Nice!
Audrey Novits
Audrey Novits@audreynovits · nodejs developer
@onum_tw @rrhoover yeah, it's funny
ОleksandraMaker@rohachova_o · CEO at INKHUNTER
@alxclever @audreynovits Thank you guys :)
Ram@ramkumarhq · Startups Lover, Business Consultant
@onum_tw @rohachova_o -->> Amazing product guys, i saw the video, love this idea...Eagerly waiting for the android version...:) Love your website design, simple and elegant...Keep it up..
Amy Roiland
Amy Roiland@amyroiland · CEO/Founder of FashionTap
@onum_tw @rrhoover I want a FashionTap button one!
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I'll just leave this here 😂 💕, @loic.
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
I need a friend to help me out... I want to see what a butterfly tattoo will look like on my lower back. Who wants to help?
Nick Zieber
Nick Zieber@nzieber · Tech & Startups Community in Hong Kong
@bentossell 😭😭😭
Razumovskiy Pavel
Razumovskiy PavelMaker@onum_tw · CTO inkHunter
Hi there! Thanks for hunting us! Here link to AppStore -
Thibaut Davoult
Thibaut Davoult@thibautdavoult · Growth Engineer at Livestorm
Wow this is a great idea. Are you the first ones to do such a thing? Awesome landing page too, nice thinking on the PH customization :)
ОleksandraMaker@rohachova_o · CEO at INKHUNTER
@thibautdavoult Thanks! I haven't found someone else who did such things before. I'm glad that you paid attention to the customization ^_^