Ink UI Kit

Ultimate pack of 200+ premium iOS templates

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Artem Tarasov
Artem TarasovMaker@taragraphy
Hi, everyone! We’re really glad to become a part of Product Hunt! Here’s one of our most popular products – Ink UI Kit. Today we've released a huge update to it and to celebrate it we are giving you a 20% promotion code: PRODUCTHUNT20 Happy to answer any questions you may have.
@taragraphy Great set! What do you use for prototyping? Like the gif in the description?
Maksim Petriv
Maksim Petriv@talkaboutdesign · Founder of Design Hunt
What a crazy set
Artem Tarasov
Artem TarasovMaker@taragraphy
@talkaboutdesign Thanks! We spend a lot of time on it!
Nik@nemtrd · Creator of Kar Page
I wish I knew about this a mouth ago when I was designing my app. Im gonna get it anyway for future updates... Best Nik
Artem Tarasov
Artem TarasovMaker@taragraphy
@nemtrd We tried to make Ink as versatile as possible, so I guess, it can be helpful in many different projects, maybe in your next one)
Timothée Le Borgne
Timothée Le Borgne@tim_lb · Product @ Tribe / CEO @ NomadCast
Looks awesome - definitely going to look into it for our next set of apps :)
Artem Tarasov
Artem TarasovMaker@taragraphy
@tim_lb thanks a lot! If it will be useful for your projects or if you have any questions, please, write us here –
Sasha Radoslavov
Sasha Radoslavov@sasha_radoslavov
Awesome product!