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Pretty cool. Can those contracts be used outside the US?
@emmanuelnataf thanks man! The contracts we build right now are based on US law, but we're working on expanding our content and if we get enough interest we'd love to find ways to create content for International users
Hey there! I'm Andrew, one of the co-founders of Krit. At Krit we're building a suite of software tools to help freelancers streamline their business. Today we're excited to be launching Ink, the first tool in our suite. Ink is an easier, better way to create a rock solid freelance contract in just minutes. We're psyched to get to share this with the Product Hunt community, so we're also giving all hunters a free contract pack, just use the code PRODUCTHUNT at checkout. If you have any questions or feedback we'd love to hear it! :)
@andrewaskins Hey Andrew. How come it was shut down so suddenly? Was a great product, did you sell the code base to anyone? I'm sure someone else would be happy to continue the product. For those who missed the announcement:
Awesome product and much needed! But I have found several bugs: 1. Sending contract to client doesn't actually send anything. 2. Saving/downloading PDF throws an error. 3. CSS/Style issues abound (nav line that tracks/gets in the way. overflow that creates scrolls in every "Edit" element of final contract.) 4. Can't save updates to client email addresses. Wish list: 1. The ability to cc myself when sending a contract. 2. The ability to preview the pdf contract on the site. Please let me know when the bugs are worked out, as I will be a customer for sure. Love the wizard like interface and how the contracts are well covered. Like I said: a much needed product for freelancers.
@alexspencer thanks for checking it out! We've fixed the issue with updating client email addresses and it looks like your contract just took awhile to process and send to the client. If it hasn't sent yet, let me know. We're looking into the PDF issue now. Which browser are you using? We'll definitely take your wish list into consideration as we're building our new features. Thanks for your feedback, we'd love to have you as a customer!
@austinwprice thanks for the super fast response. I'm using Firefox. I'll give it a shot in Chrome too.
@austinwprice Just tried chrome. Doesn't want to download pdf in it either. Also, the css issues still exist in both. Anyone testing on smaller screens over there? I'm on a MBA with resolutions set to 1280 X 800
@alexspencer I'm not sure what would be causing the PDF issue for you. Could you look at the error in your web inspector and send that to my email,, or use the question mark at the bottom right corner of the screen? We're working through the CSS issues now and will get those fixes out as soon as we can. Thanks for working with us on this!
@austinwprice email sent. Let me know if I can be of any further help :)
I love this, all freelancers can do with a little legal cover! Don't you think you should have a contract pack(Buy 25 contracts) as well rather than just a monthly subscription? This would help even the entry level freelancers to dive in. Best of luck! : ]
@darkpsy oops sorry, meant to reply, it's been a long week
Great Point @darkpsy! We're definitely still experimenting with the business model. We do have the smaller packs of 3 contracts which you can buy, but larger packs may be the way to go. How many would you want in an option like this? Would 25 be the right number?
@andrewaskins Haha no problem! The right number would be around 10 because even if I can afford it, I might only need 3 contracts at most in a month and those projects might go on for a couple of months, for that demographic a monthly subscription isn't going to be as good a fit as the buy contracts outright pack. That 3 contract pack is more like a karma pack for spreading the word, not the same thing. : ]
@darkpsy awesome, that's great feedback, thanks! What would you pay for a pack of 10 contracts?
@andrewaskins Finding the right price is always an experiment but I think $40 is a good place to start, you're probably in a better position to judge in terms of feasibility, running costs etc.