Infrrd OCR

Extract data from invoices and receipts with AI based OCR


Infrrd OCR is an Enterprise Machine Learning OCR platform that gives organizations deep insights from big data with the help of interactive AI algorithms based on machine learning to drive decisions and automate extraction. The powerful OCR solution learns from data to accurately infer the key fields from receipts, invoices and business documents.

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Priya Ravinder
Megha Mathews
Megha Thomas
  • Priya Ravinder
    Priya RavinderMarketing Manager and Product Evangelist

    Infrrd Solutions are Fast, Accurate and Customised



    Unlike most enterprise OCR solutions that fall short in giving 100% results, Infrrd's Enterprise Machine Learning platform builds in OCR solution that has high accuracy, contextual and customised.

    Priya Ravinder has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Could be used for different format of receipts and invoices as they use NLP to understand the context of the documents.



    They use machine learning algorithms to quickly analyze and extract line item details from receipts, invoices, contracts and any other documents. The accuracy increases with more and more training of historical data. They are able to customize their tool based on our requirements.

    Megha Thomas has used this product for one year.