Infogram 2.0

Create data-driven reports, maps and infographics

Infogram is a visual communication tool. It allows individuals and teams to create interactive reports, maps, infographics and social media visuals with a simple drag-and-drop editor.

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7 Reviews5.0/5
Hey PH! Infogram helps individuals and teams communicating visually. Our new product gives you the power to create interactive reports, dashboards, maps and infographics with a simple drag-and-drop editor. What's new? * Drag & drop editor. Add, arrange, resize various visual elements. * Multi-page interactive reports for project updates, marketing reports – exportable as PDFs for portability or shareable on the web for maintaining all the interactivity. * Dashboard templates for creating at-a-glance data-driven updates. * Infographic templates and new social media formats. * One million images and icons. You can find all our new and improved features in Use the code PRODUCTHUNT to get 1 month free of our Business plan (code valid till 30th November). We'd love to get some feedback and happy to answer any questions!
@pedrosouto Multi-page reports shouldn’t be a huge thing in 2017....omg ty! What other features differentiate Infogram from competitors?
@kkdub Hi Kelly, thanks for the question. Infogram's differentiation has been and continues to be the ease with which you can create data-driven communications with design consistency. So for example, our now over 500 pre-defined maps (from global bordersets to municipal level) make it really fast to produce a geographic visualization of area differences. Same principle of fast to beautiful output applies across the product. In this launch we've especially expanded the types output you can get: those multi-page reports yes, but also animated chart GIFs, transparent PDFs for scalable exporting to other tools, and many more are now available to our customers.
@pedrosouto thanks for the coupon. much appreciated.
Very cool software this. Like it a lot!!
@matthewboyle25 Thanks Matthew.
Great! I'll use it
Great job !! Looks promising,will try it out 😊