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Infogram is a visual communication tool. It allows individuals and teams to create interactive reports, maps, infographics and social media visuals with a simple drag-and-drop editor.

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Pedro SoutoMaker@pedrosouto · Just curious
Hey PH! Infogram helps individuals and teams communicating visually. Our new product gives you the power to create interactive reports, dashboards, maps and infographics with a simple drag-and-drop editor. What's new? * Drag & drop editor. Add, arrange, resize various visual elements. * Multi-page interactive reports for project updates, marketing reports – exportable as PDFs for portability or shareable on the web for maintaining all the interactivity. * Dashboard templates for creating at-a-glance data-driven updates. * Infographic templates and new social media formats. * One million images and icons. You can find all our new and improved features in Use the code PRODUCTHUNT to get 1 month free of our Business plan (code valid till 30th November). We'd love to get some feedback and happy to answer any questions!
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
@pedrosouto Multi-page reports shouldn’t be a huge thing in 2017....omg ty! What other features differentiate Infogram from competitors?
Mikko JarvenpaaMaker@mhj · Infogram & Prezi.
@kkdub Hi Kelly, thanks for the question. Infogram's differentiation has been and continues to be the ease with which you can create data-driven communications with design consistency. So for example, our now over 500 pre-defined maps (from global bordersets to municipal level) make it really fast to produce a geographic visualization of area differences. Same principle of fast to beautiful output applies across the product. In this launch we've especially expanded the types output you can get: those multi-page reports yes, but also animated chart GIFs, transparent PDFs for scalable exporting to other tools, and many more are now available to our customers.
EbrahimKhalil Hassen@ebrahimkhalil · Entrepreneur
@pedrosouto thanks for the coupon. much appreciated.
Vijay Vaghela@vijay_vaghela · Startup Hunter, StartupWorld
We at does product hunting for our readers, and we thoroughly check out the product. Below is the product insight for in simple words to understand what Infogram offers. Product Insight: The Infogram is a creative and visual communication tool that allows individuals and teams to create data-driven reports, maps, social media visuals, dashboards, and infographics with an easy drag-and-drop editor. Users can develop multiple-page reports for project updates, plus marketing reports. The user can download all of them as a PDF and user can share them too. It has one million images and icons for customisation for designs. 1. Charts & Maps: It offers a massive variety of its charts and maps. It has almost 35 chart types and 500 Map designs 2. Audience Engagement: Company says, 90% of readers spend more time on pages with interactive charts or infographics, and 34% have shared them more often on social media. Create more, Engage more. 3. Easy Publishing: The user can add charts or presentations to the website using responsive embeds. You can also download them as PNG, PDF or animated GIFs. They have Infographic Plugin which supports Facebook’s Instant Articles, Medium, and WordPress. 4. Data Connectivity: Infogram has different solutions for all your data needs. You can copy the data to our editor or just connect to your cloud service. It supports Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, ). The user can also upload a spreadsheet or access his/her content programmatically with the API. 5. Images & Icons: Currently, Infogram has over 1 million stock images and 500,000+ icons on the platform. You can also upload your images, GIFs or icons. 6. Drag & Drop Editor: Infogram’s intuitive, lightweight data editor lets its user easily edit colors, styles, add icons, images and set display possibilities to make the data shine. 7. Data Import & Export: Upload any file, spreadsheet, images, icons directly through import option. The user can also integrate his/her data from cloud services or use the API to get the live data. The user can export the data visualizations in high-quality PDF, PNG, or GIF formats to share on social media, or embed using the interactive HTML option available on Infogram. Hope everyone would get most of their answers in the details provided here.
Mikko JarvenpaaMaker@mhj · Infogram & Prezi.
@vijay_vaghela Wow, what a great summary of features. Thanks for taking a detailed look.
Vijay Vaghela@vijay_vaghela · Startup Hunter, StartupWorld
@mhj Hope it helps people understand how amazing the product is. Don't forget to checkout the detailed review on our website.
Matthew Boyle@matthewboyle25 · Matt
Very cool software this. Like it a lot!!
Pedro SoutoMaker@pedrosouto · Just curious
@matthewboyle25 Thanks Matthew.
Aleh Tsikhanau@ethnoza · Eightydays, Inc CEO
Great! I'll use it
Pedro SoutoMaker@pedrosouto · Just curious
@ethnoza Thanks Aleh
Marat Zakaryan@marat_zakaryan · Marketing Specialist
good work!
Pedro SoutoMaker@pedrosouto · Just curious
@marat_zakaryan Thanks Marat