A simple Chrome extension that blocks distracting sites.


Infocus is a simple Chrome extension that blocks distracting websites when you are trying to focus. It has a few neat features, such as periodic notifications to get you back on track and math problems to discourage you from disabling it :)

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Evelyn Yu
  • Evelyn Yu
    Evelyn YuProduct Manager Intern

    It closes the distracting websites immediately


    It's easy to turn off Infocus

    I tried Infocus for one day and it was pretty good. I put FB and Messenger as the distracting websites. When the product is on, it closes FB immediately when I tried to open FB. Two things I think can make this product better are:

    1) Remind me why I use this product when I am trying to turn it off

    Currently I only need to answer 5 calculation questions to turn Infocus off. I get the idea that users might give up turning if off, but the questions are not difficult. I think a better way is to show "why you are use this product" with the question. This would remind me that I am trying to focus on working.

    2) The "OFF" button on the window is a bit confusing

    When I first tried to use Infocus, I selected the time and then could not find where to "Start" the clock. Later on I realized I should click on "OFF" button. I think change "OFF" to "START" will be more intuitive.

    Evelyn Yu has used this product for one day.