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A.I. powered influencer marketing platform

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Steve McGarry
@stvmcg · Entrepreneur and coffee snob
I'm interested in learning more about how Influential One is different than other influencer platforms. @RyanMDetert I see that it is A.I. powered by IBM Watson which is a nice twist, but how does this effectively move the needle in the crowded influencer+brand matching space?
Guillaume Flandre
@gflandre · 🛠➕📸 Lead Architect @LaBelleAssiette
In general those influencer platforms are quite the unbalanced marketplace, with lots of influencers but little brands. Hopefully, the AI part (whatever that means) will make for a better audience matching and more brands will get on board. On the influencer's side, what value does it bring beyond money? Is there metrics, information about the audience? LMK … See more
@sarabcole · Marketing Director - Eyecon
Like the other commentators, I would also like to know how it stands apart from the competition :) Also, is it only for big brands or do you have competitive pricing for startups with smaller budgets?
@ariaitch · Director of Marketing & eCommerce
Gives me errors at sign up, about invalid values (while everything is correct). Why zip code anyway?
Great job guys, the product looks amazing. Do you or are you planing on building an API?