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#4 Product of the DaySeptember 14, 2017
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For Producthunters 1st campaign is for free! Just tell us that you from producthunt ;)

- Custom content produced by thousands of creators

- Buy media with creators content via FB Ads Manager

- Run campaigns on a CPM, CPC, CPA, or any KPI

  • Pros: 

    Innovative. Nowadays influencers are the mass media.


    Will big brands join? Or they'll prefer to have a direct link with the influencers?

    From the influencers point of view, it is not clear - to me - what are the minimum requirements to join and how much money they can make. Is the influencer revenue model CPC, CPA or CPM?

    Michele Spina has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    Nothing that can't be done on your own or through one of the dozen other influencer management platforms


    Few and low quality influencer options. Clunky UX with limited instructions to use the platform. Withheld $$$ but NEVER PAID THE INFLUENCERS

    NOT WORTH THE $299. There is nothing here that you cannot do on your own or through any other influencer management platform. I really wanted this platform to work because native influencer ads have always done well for us but this platform under delivered in just about every way possible.

    There were very few influencer options and the options that were available were pretty low quality. The brand side of the app is confusing and hard to use. There is limited/no instructions on how to use the platform. We had to email support to ask for an explanation and instructions for every step of the process. The answers from support were mediocre at best and still left a fair amount of confusion.

    They also withheld money that should have been paid to the influencers but 4 weeks later and they still haven't been paid. So they took the money from us, the brand, but didn't send it to the influencers. It's hard for me to see how this isn't theft. Maybe this review will finally get their attention and they will settle up the balance to the influencers.

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Dmitriy Dubovik
Dmitriy DubovikMaker@dmitriy_dubovik · CMO at
Hi Product Hunters, Co-Founder of Insense here. We are the first platform that connects brands and influential content creators to run FB/IG ad campaigns more effectively. What you can do with Insense: - Surface influential creators in minutes - Fully manage & streamline campaigns - Amplify influencer content across paid and owned channels We’d appreciate your feedback and would be happy to answer any questions!
Svetlana Emets
Svetlana Emets@svetlana_emets · Innovations and technology transfer
Hey, guys! your solution looks great, but I still have couple of questions: what guarantees do you give that I can launch the advertisement? What happens if none of the creators want to work with my brand?
Dmitriy Dubovik
Dmitriy DubovikMaker@dmitriy_dubovik · CMO at
@svetlana_emets Hey Svetlana! Thank you for asking! We understand that you are paying a subscription and would like to know how many creators will respond to the offer after sending the brief. In our practice, it rarely happens that no creator is willing to work with the advertiser's brand. That's why we added the "money back" option within 21 days from the start date of work.
Shamil Fattakhov
Shamil Fattakhov@shamil_fattakhov · Software developer
I don't use Facebook Ads Manager, do you have integration with other marketing partners?
Dmitriy Dubovik
Dmitriy DubovikMaker@dmitriy_dubovik · CMO at
@shamil_fattakhov Hi Shamil. At the moment we are negotiating with some marketing partners of Facebook to make our functionality more convenient for you. But even now you can work with Paid Social. Access rights as well as materials will be sent directly to your Facebook advertising account. If you are working with another dashboard, then it will automatically appear there.
Raitis@makerraitis · Maker at
The ability to give an extra boost to the post on your own afterwards made me 2 times more interested in the platform instantly. Can't wait to test this out, thanks!
Anton Salyukov
Anton SalyukovMaker@antonsalyukov · COO & cofounder at
Hey @makerraitis! Thank you for your interest. We haven't seen your registartation yet and will be happy to help you to set up! Let me know if you have any questions:
Arseniy@ostyre · CEO, Popsters
Hi! Sounds cool) Will I have problems with Facebook if I use your service?
Dmitriy Dubovik
Dmitriy DubovikMaker@dmitriy_dubovik · CMO at
@ostyre Hi, Arseniy ! We work with the official Facebook API for advertisers, so no difficulties should arise. Of course, if the advertising publication does not violate Facebook's policy regarding advertising.
Arseniy@ostyre · CEO, Popsters