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A more elegant and easy way to use tabs in Chrome ✨

#3 Product of the DayMay 07, 2017
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Moe Greene
Moe Greene@moe_greene
When I open a new tab, I have a clear intent of going to some certain URL. So all of this visual goodness is just a distraction. I don't know, maybe it's just me.
HaroonHiring@haroon · Founder, Webs, Truebill
@moe_greene I agree. I've never used shortcuts on the chrome home screen either
Leandro Ardissone
Leandro Ardissone@leech · Software Developer
@moe_greene I agree, I only have as new tab this one from Google that displays a hires satellite photo of different places on earth. It's just an eye candy, no distracting at all.
Andrew Mutavdzija
Andrew Mutavdzija@andym_dc · JD
I use Speed Dial 2 and it works for me.
Awais@awaisraad · No company so far
I refrain from using any chrome extensions because I think most of them would keep tab of my history, and browser activities. This look good, but it is not that good for me to give up on my privacy.
Smokie@xtoq · Smokie Does Stuff
What advantage does this have over other options like Momentum or even the Chrome default new tab page? The description on the web store seems to be a bit more style than substance, and it would be nice to learn what need the makers are fulfilling with their version.
Emily Miller
Emily Miller@alittlevr · Got App? =>
Love the mail reminder and todo's!