Infinite Stories is an app that allows you to generate longer stories than 15 seconds for Instagram or Facebook

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Hey guys, Thanks for hunting me Alex! I'm using Instagram all the time, but I hate the limitation of the stories feature, so I decided to solve my own problem, and add all the missing features of Instagram Stories. If you have any questions, just let me know, I'm here to answer!
@kovacsamate how does it work? I just don't understand(
@liza__schwartz sorry to hear, that's something I need to imporve then! Let me explain it here: You just take a video or select one of yours from the camera roll, and it'll crop it into 15 sec pieces and save them for you. So you can post those videos from left to right in the Instagram app and it'll be a continous video there. Also if you select the no-crop option, then your final video is going to be placed in the middle of the portrait video file!
@kovacsamate hmm, now I understand, thanks, have a good day)
@liza__schwartz @kovacsamate I don't get the last point. Please explain it again?
Nice la! Waiting for it to come to Android. Btw there is a typo, its `coming` and not `comming`
@leovarmak Thank you very much! I'm not a native english speaker and I'm really bad noticing these typos. Just updated it! :)
This is pretty cool– I've actually been looking for a lightweight way to compile vertical videos too; do you see this growing into a simple editing suite at some point?
@aaronykng absolutely, this is my main goal with this app in the long run. I just wanted to get it out as soon as possible to get real feedback
Ha! This is smart! @kovacsamate I actually am looking into using stories for marketing purposes. You're right, the options are limited on Instagram. Are you planning to add custom filters and stickers as well?
@fouad_tolaib Hey Fouad, I was thinking about the filter feature before as well, and it's definitely comming. What I would like to reach in the future is to build the go-to app for people who are using Instagram stories for Marketing purposes, so the comming features are the ones that are requested the most. Could you explain how would you like to use custom stickers? Thanks!
@kovacsamate perhaps similar to ones Snapchat offers but then more marketing oriented. Stickers showing discounts, countdowns, actions, etc.
@fouad_tolaib That's a great idea! I'll add it to my trello board of features to implement, thank you very much!
Does this post directly to instagram stories?
@jeremy_sh Unfortunately not yet. There is no way to post on your Instagram directly as far as I know. After the videos are generated you can open Instagram with a button and then your generated videos will be saved there and ready to post them from the left to right.