Make Apple Airpods into noise-cancelling in-ear headphones

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InEarPods help make Apple Airpods into in-ear headphones with passive noise-cancellation. Perfect for travelers who don't wish to carry large head-phones but still wish to enjoy noise-isolation while flying.
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Peedu Tuisk
Peedu TuiskMaker@peedutuisk · Creative Lead
Hey guys, I'm working on this product prototype and wondering if people would be interested? If enough people say yes I'll begin the manufacturing. If not, at least I've found out the truth quickly. :) I have a working prototype ready for making sure the noise-cancellation/isolation works and also to test the sound quality and fit. To my ears the sound quality seems better this way. In reality it's a very simple product to produce. One negative aspect I see is the fact that the headphones wouldn't fit into the charging case with these on. So the in-ear covers could be held in a small pocket of the case sleeve while the headphones charge. Would this be too annoying, what do you think? Maybe the best use-case would be for airplane travels where space is limited but noise-cancellation comes in handy.