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Sacha Greif
Sacha GreifMaker@sachagreif · Designer, Sidebar
There are a lot of coding bootcamps out there already, but we know there are also a lot of independent hackers and developers who already know how to code, but feel limited by their lack of design and marketing know-how. This is the need we're trying to address with IndieDojo: in one week, we'll teach you the basics for bootstrapping: branding, UI design, user acquisition, pricing… Culminating with an actual launch on the last day! Also, I should mention it will all take place in Kyoto, Japan during the beautiful fall season. See you there! P.S. even if you can't join, you should sign up for our mailing list to get a free eBook about branding and color schemes, and know when we livestream the event.
Sung Won Cho
Sung Won Cho@mikeswcho · maker
@sachagreif Congrats on another launch. Been following your work since Telescope days :) I feel that the subject of bootstrapping is too vast and abstract, compared to coding. The reason is that building and launching something feels to me more of an art than a science. Having said that, do you feel confident that 6 days are enough to impart something practical and valuable to those attending the IndieDojo?
Sacha Greif
Sacha GreifMaker@sachagreif · Designer, Sidebar
@mikeswcho I agree 6 days might seem short in the grand scheme of things, but I think you can still learn a lot. I mean, I know many examples of people coming up with breakthroughs for their business after a 10-minute conversation with the right person, so I'm sure everybody will get *something* out of these 6 days.