Indie Boost

AI Powered video game marketing platform

Indie Boost is game discovery software used by game developers and publishers, content creators, press, and gamers.

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Hey @nikmakesgames, This is awesome! Can you tell us more about what you've built here?
@jacqvon Thank you. :) We've drawn on our previous experiences as a video game developer and publisher to build a platform that's designed to effectively launch and promote a video game or bring traffic to an already launched game that has trouble building up momentum. For example the platform automatically builds a website and presskit for you, it formats your press releases and sends it to media outlets that would be most likely to take interest in your game. Likewise it will distribute your game to influencers on Youtube and Twitch. What it does different to other services is that it is effective at determining who will most likely be interested in your game based on preferences and previous content produced. Additionally developers can order video trailers, store page setups and localization and narrated gameplay videos to name a few directly from the platform dashboard.
I really like the logo
@productpearson Thank you :)