Inclusion Meeting Cards

Inclusive meetings start when everyone has a voice.

With Inclusion Meeting Cards, we wanted to make meetings more efficient and more inclusive. The game creates a simple, tangible, non-confrontational way to reorient the discussion and bring humor to a potentially tense interaction when calling each other out.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
I think what I appreciate most about tools like this one is that it's a creative way to engage with meetings and help expose what might be underlying issues in communication, and ultimately in teamwork, so folks feel more heard, and involved, which goes a long way!
Inclusion Meeting Cards started as a way for our company to export our meeting and communication culture to clients. We believe that inclusive meetings lead to better understanding and productivity in a group and wanted to find a way to bring that to larger audience. Our cards make it easy to dive into difficult communication patterns and disrupt power dynamics that can evolve in meetings.