Inbox by Gmail Chrome Extension

Save links for later and share with one click

#5 Product of the DayApril 20, 2016
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Last week Facebook announced their Save to Facebook button and hours later @eyal_weiss created an unofficial Chrome Extension. And on a related note, this morning I started seeing a ton of tweets, like this one from @sullied:
@rrhoover @eyal_weiss @sullied Would love to know how the new ProductHunt email highlights work.
Would be brilliant to have this for Safari!
This is amazing! I used to always used the "Send from Gmail (by Google)" extension to mail things to myself for reminders or to others. Now the "reminders" are built in and I can send to others via a native Inbox experience (and not that outdated gmail interface).
Love it. Inbox has already became a central part of my task management, basically saving reminders and snoozing them for later, it would totally fit a "read it later" process too.
Sounds awesome - I wonder how you'd use this on your phone - for example if I want to save something to Pocket I'd "share" to pocket. Hopefully they'll add an option to "Share" to inbox. Edit - Actually, you CAN "share" to inbox! Very cool.
@sahilc0 this will come with the iOS and Android update :)
@sapvdf Actually, you're right - I just tried, and it works perfectly. I guess I don't need pocket anymore! :)