Impulse Zero

Put an end to impulsive purchases

Impulse Zero is a Chrome Extension which stops you from buying unnecessary & unwanted things.
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Hello Product Hunt Fam, My name is Vrushal and I am super excited to share what we've been working on. Simply, we are giving you the superpower to not buy anything unwanted, unnecessary. We started building this when Amit (@superamit ) tweeted that he would write a Chrome Extension to stop himself from buying a drone again. Amit is the real inspiration behind Impulse Zero. (Thank you Amit!) (Link to the tweet - So we built the extension for everything and drones. After a good amount of surfing and reading research articles on Impulse buying, we found that one of the most effective ways to stop making impulsive decisions is to ask questions. When we are all alone scrolling the internet, it is almost impossible to ask those hard-hitting questions to ourselves. We thought Amit is right and @kiranghule27 built this. I saved at least 1000$ using this while testing the extension. (Remember the Remarkable Tablet, I did not buy it. My Wacom still sits in the garage) Please check the extension, I am sure it will help you save your money too. Black Friday is near and the Marketers (like me) want to sell you everything! We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions! P.S. Thank you, @sarah__jackson, @zachware1 and @corey_haines for agreeing to give us pre-hunt feedback. P.S.S This is the v1.0.3 (beta)
Sounds like a great idea. Helps you confirm that you making right decision before you buy and that it's not impluse/unnecessary purchase. Best wishes.
@amirkerawala Exactly. Thank you Amir.
Internet needs this. This is the 'Indistractable' extension to the 'Hooked' model of consumerism. Kudos @vrushal_kapadnis
Brilliant! - from Aditya and Quinston