Create your own high-quality celebrity deepfakes in minutes

#3 Product of the DayMarch 25, 2020
Make deepfakes in minutes. Swap celebrity faces onto your video selfies or other videos right from your iPhone. Re-enact your favorite scenes or send special shout-outs to your friends.
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Hi Product Hunters 👋, I'm Murat, one of the founders and CEO of Impressions. First off, thank you to @kevin for hunting Impressions. About six months ago, we created our first deepfake after loving the content we saw on youtube and social media. The process was complicated, but the result and the response from the internet were fantastic. Given our background in AI, we set out to take away the technical side of deepfakes and build an app that lets people focus on the fun. Today we bring you Impressions, the world’s first iOS app for deepfake videos. With our application, anyone can swap a celebrity face into a video in a matter of minutes. Unlike traditional desktop deepfake software, our deepfake technology doesn’t require serious computing hardware and days/weeks of training to generate a deepfake video. Using our cloud GPUs, we’re able to create realistic looking face swaps in just a short time. We’ve also got a special gift for all the Product Hunters. We wanted to give you something fun and different to play with while we are all sitting at home. So, we are giving out a three-day unlimited video creation trial to any of you who download the app and make your first free video. After making your first free video, head to the Settings->Support inside the app, and send us the message “Product Hunt.” We'll add the trial to your account, and you will be able to make as many videos as you like over the three days. Your trial will not renew unless you purchase a subscription from Apple. For those of you on Android, we’ve got an app in the works. Sign-up on our website to get notified. Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way—a special shout out to our 10,000+ early downloaders, who continue to provide incredible feedback. We're always open to comments and would love for you to check out our app and send your feedback through comments below or DMs on Twitter. Good or bad, all feedback guides us, so feel free to reach out.
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Congrats on the launch. Have been excited about this app since the beta. Any plans on being able to upload our own faces to be able to convert ourselves to the person we'd like to deepfake into, instead of being limited only by predefined celebs?
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@sarperdag Thanks for the kind words! That's some serious tech! So yes it's on the roadmap, but I don't think it will be available for a while :D
I wanna be V. Putin))
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@menstorynews haha. You shouldn't. Really.
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Very nice product and congrats on the launch. It's awesome that you democraticize this tech, but I am wondering how are you going to protect against abuse of these capabilities? Will there always be an "impressions" watermark to signal this is a deepfake?
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@mtngld Exactly! One of the reasons we don't remove watermarks even with a premium subscription is to let people know it's a deepfake.
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