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Melee is your portable companion cube, your Pip-Boy 2000, and the improbable treasure chest found in the depths of a dungeon all rolled into one. It’s super effective at keeping you up to date on the latest reviews, videos, and memes in your favorite games.
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Hey everyone! I'm the maker of this product and founder/ceo of Imgur. I hope you get a chance to try and enjoy Melee! I'll be here if anyone has any suggestions, comments, or issues with it.
@alanschaaf got my twitch password wrong signing in. Tried to sign in with the correct password but I can't actually reach the step to put the password in. It goes straight to "sign in failed"
@manny_orduna Thanks for reporting this! You could try uninstalling and reinstalling for now. Hopefully we'll have a fix soon!
@alanschaaf Awesome idea! Definitely will be trying it out.
Micro-communities are making a comeback and I'm here for it 👾
I'm really happy to have an app where I can take a look at different games in seconds
Congrats keep it up
It is interesting to see a lot of companies move into the gaming industry, just like Giphy with their game maker.