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Imaginators is an online platform that helps people to showcase their work professionally and interactively. Now users can build their online portfolios and create interactive presentations for their work just by dragging and dropping needed elements and customizing the design of the presentation.

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9 Reviews5.0/5

I was really excited to use this but was kinda left disappointed by the end result. I dislike the current Powerpoint too. What I do is, I make presentation slides on Adobe Illustrator and animate them using after effects and then combine them. It gives me much more freedom but also a lot of extra work... I can see the animation scope in Imaginators but the user friendliness is kinda missing


I liked the fact that you can get ideas from others and it's designed more like a social media platform with many options for presentation


- It takes time to get used to and complex to navigate

- a lot of options thrown at user at once

- No predefined templates to start of from

Hello Richard, Thank you for your feedback. We are working on making it easier for users to create their presentations we also will add predefined templates and widgets so you can start with them. We are really sorry for your bad experience, but without your feedback, we can't improve it. We will take your feedback into our consideration to improve our user experience. Thank you!