the smart accessory you need to learn coding

imagiCharm is a smart accessory designed together with girls to customize directly from their phones using programming. It comes with interactive tutorials that teach Python from zero to hero and a community for sharing and collaborating.
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Empowering girls to explore their creativity and learn programming straight from their phone.
Definitely better than mindlessly scrolling through Instagram : )
Hello PH, I am Beatrice one of the makers of imagiCharm. For the past two years, my team has been working hard to create a scalable solution that extends past non-profit workshops and initiatives to get girls into tech. We created imagiCharm, a programmable accessory that can be customized through coding, in order to empower girls to explore their creativity and learn programming straight from their phone. It's a visual, creative and expressive tool that comes with intuitive tutorials that start with the basics. But there is no limit, you can learn complex computer science concepts and move on to create anything you can imagine - with code. Through the app you can also share your art and code with your friends even when you're not together. Or make new friends, try their code, change it and upload it to your own imagiCharm! We are so excited to get this out on the market but would love to hear any feedback while we're fixing the last details. Any thoughts on product that teach programming, and specifically to girls between 12 and 16? Thank you! We really appreciate your feedback!
I love this idea! We definitely need more women in STEM and tech-related fields. What has been the biggest challenge for you in developing this? Keep up the great work! 🌟