Drag and drop multiple images to combine them into one

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Mo Bitar
Mo BitarHunter@bitario
Often times I'd want to compare shots side by side, or send them to a co-worker to get a good comparison. So I'd take a bunch of images and create a Photoshop canvas and align the images one by one and export it that way. This was tedious, so I created ImageJoiner. You just simply drag and drop multiple images onto the status bar icon, and it'll combine them into 1 image, either horizontally or vertically aligned. Enjoy!
Mack Flavelle
Mack Flavelle@mackflavelle ·
I'm kind of into this. Don't need it all the time but when I do it would be perfect. It's like the Yo for Photoshop.
not available in u.s. store.
Stéphane Moureau
Stéphane Moureau@traderstf · QA is nice if you are not with a Macintosh... what a shame ;-)
Tim Green
Tim Green@tim_green
Not available in UK store either apparently